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Monday -Thursday

4 Classes




8 Classes

Clay is So Much Fun! 

It builds confidence, mindfulness and amazing new friendships!

Kids class is a combination of hand built projects, creative exploration, and artistic free time.  Absolutely no experience is necessary, we will teach you everything you need to know

All instruction, clay, tools, glazes, cold finishes & kiln firings are included! 

Kids class meets for 2 hours

You Pick the day of the week that is most convenient for you     

Wear comfy clothes, shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy,  we will provide the aprons

This class is awesome for kids ages 6 and up!


also available 




Jan 15th - Feb 5th
Feb 12th -Mar 4th
Mar 11th - Apr 1st
Apr 8th - Apr 29th
May 6th - May 27th

Jun 3rd - Jun 24th
Jul 1st - Jul 22nd
Jul 29th - Aug 19th
Aug 26th - Sep 16th
Sep 23rd - Oct 14th
Oct 21st - Nov 11th
Nov 25th - Dec 16th
Dec 30th - Jan 20th



Jan 16th - Feb 6th
Feb 13th -Mar 5th
Mar 12th - Apr 2nd
Apr 9th - Apr 30th
May 7th - May 28th

Jun 4th - Jun 25th
Jul 2nd - Jul 23rd
Jul 30th - Aug 20th
Aug 27
th - Sep 17th
Sep 24th - Oct 15th
Oct 22nd - Nov 12th

Nov 26th - Dec 17th
Dec 31 - Jan 21st
Jan 17th - Feb 7th
Feb 14th -Mar 6th
Mar 13th - Apr 3rd
Apr 10th - May 1st
May 8th - May 29th

Jun 5th - Jun 26th
Jul 3rd - Jul 24th
Jul 31st - Aug 21st
Aug 28th - Sep 18th

Sep 25th - Oct 16th
Oct 23rd - Nov 13th
Nov 27th - Dec 18th
Jan 1st - Jan 22nd


Jan 18th - Feb 8th
Feb 15th -Mar 7th
Mar 14th - Apr 4th
Apr 11th - May 2nd
May 9th - May 30th

Jun 6th - Jun 27th
Jul 4th - Jul 25th
Aug 1st - Aug 22nd
Aug 29th - Sep 19th
Sep 26th - Oct 17th

Oct 24th - Nov 14th
Nov 28th - Dec 19th
Jan 2nd - Jan 23rd


Jan 20th - Feb 10th
Feb 17th -Mar 9th
Mar 16th - Apr 6th
Apr 13th - May 4th
May 11th - Jun 1st

Jun 8th - Jun 29th
Jul 6th - Jul 27th
Aug 3rd - Aug 24th
Aug 31st - Sep 21st
Sep 28
th - Oct 19th

Oct 26th - Nov 16th
Nov 30th - Dec 21st
Jan 4th - Jan 25th
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